Scratching for fun, or itching for comfort?

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Itching is one of the top three reasons why people take their dog to the vet*. It’s possible to spot the signs of irritation caused by skin conditions and treat them so your dog can continue to be their fun-loving and wonderful self.

Check for signs of skin conditions

Are they just scratching or is it something more serious? Try our simple online assessment and find out if your dog is showing signs of a skin condition.

Spot the signs of an itch that
needs attention

Dogs love a good itch and scratch, but how do you know when it's a sign of an underlying skin condition? It could be caused by fleas or other parasites, bacterial and/or yeast infections, or an allergic disease caused by something in the food or environment.

You know your pet better than anyone else, but if you see one or more of the following symptoms then we'd highly recommend getting in touch with your vet for advice and to learn about therapies available.

  • Regularly, licking, chewing, rubbing, biting or scratching the same part of the body or scooting (rubbing the bottom along the floor)
  • Redness, darkening of the skin, sores, scabs or scratch marks
  • Hair loss, bald spots, or thinning of fur due to itching
  • Preoccupation with rubbing the face, paws, sides or belly
  • Less playing, eating, sleeping or other activities due to itching
What do I do next?

If you’ve spotted one or more of these signs and want peace of mind, then get in touch with your vet for a full clinical examination. You can both help your dog live a happy itch-free life. Don’t forget to try our online assessment first.

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*Nationwide®. Skin allergies, ear infections among most common conditions that prompt veterinary visits. March 28, 2022. Accessed April 11, 2022.